New Stuff

NEW online genealogy/history resource!


I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Biddeford Area Biographical Resource, a web-based point of access for those doing local history or genealogical reserach on people who lived or worked in the area. 

The Resource is simply an electronic version of the \”Biddeford Biography\” index cards which live here at the library, and have been kept at least since the 1930\’s. Some people in the index are not from Biddeford, but perhaps passed through or had an impact in the community in some way.

Some of the newspapers referenced by the cards have no known copies in existence, so there is no way of checking the accuracy of the statements. But, many of the referenced items are still accessible, either in our library or online, so there are links to point you in the right direction.  

As we index more local history books and cull names we\’ll be adding those to the Resource.  Also in the works are links to any photographs we have of the people.

It is going to be SO AWESOME. (Okay, it already is awesome, but it will get even cooler as time goes on!)