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Text of the poem “To Governor Hill by A Mill Hand” (1902)

Laconia Division Spinning Frames and workers, 1910

As promised, here is the text of the poem I read for the library on YouTube for Poetry month! This original poem appeared in the Nightly Comet (Biddeford, Maine) newspaper, February 19, 1902:

The actual author of the poem is unknown; however the Nightly Comet’s editor was noted local writer Mrs. Estelle Tatterson, and it is possible that she wrote it (but we’ll probably never know for sure).

You can browse the full run of the Nightly Comet at our Biddeford Historic Newspaper Archive.

And if you haven’t been following us on YouTube, Facebook, etc. then below is the video I made for your viewing enjoyment. I’m glad I got to bring the history to our Poetry Month offerings!

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