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LABOR DAY, 1909 – an International Affair

I posted this great picture to our social media to mark Labor Day weekend – it is the Labor Day parade that took place in Biddeford and Saco in 1909.

In checking the local papers to see what was written about this, it appears that this was a pretty impressive and not entirely usual parade. The most interesting thing is finding out many of these marchers were the Greek, Albanian, Turkish, and Romanian mill workers – of which we have almost no photographs. Until now!

Also, I was fascinated to find the piece right next to the Labor Day parade run down, describing the first Jewish wedding performed in Old Orchard Beach!!! Incredible. Here are both:

Above: Page 8 of Weekly Record,published in Biddeford, Maine on Thursday, September 9th, 1909.

You can access this newspaper and many others at our Biddeford Historic Newspaper Archive.