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First “Talking Picture” played in Biddeford was…

“Alias Jimmy Valentine” (1928) starring William Haines, Lionel Barrymore, Karl Dane, and Leila Hyams.

It played at the Central Theater (now location of Biddeford Police Department) and opened Monday, February 4, 1929.

Biddeford Daily Journal – Fri., Feb. 1, 1929, p.10
Biddeford Daily Journal – Tues., Feb. 5, 1929 p.2

There seems to have been much earlier “expositions” made of films that included sound, the earliest found so far states that an exposition of Thomas Edison’s Talking Pictures would be shown at the City Opera House on Wednesday, July 30, 1913. No follow up reporting appeared in the following two weeks, so we don’t know if it went over well or not!

Biddeford Weekly Record – Thurs., July 24, 1913, p.4

Listen to a Thomas Edison recorded song from 1913, and may sound similar to what visitors to City Opera House may have heard at the exposition (courtesy of the Library of Congress).

Entrance to City Opera House, Main Street, 1910 (Image 955)