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The Dude Cowboy mystery SOLVED!

This great picture was discovered several years ago in our collection, but with no background info it was a bit of a mystery – known to be taken in Biddeford, something to do with City Theater, but the year and detailed information were unknown. What kind of show was Dude Cowboy? What’s the story?

Thanks to the magic of digitized newspapers and keyword searching, I stumbled across the answer this week! “The Dude Cowboy” was a film, and it played at the Opera House for two days, November 19-20, 1926.

It starred Bob Custer (1898-1974), who was a well-known silent film star and real life cowboy of the era. You can read all about him at IMDb’s Bob Custer article.

You can read all about the film and its making at IMDB’s The Dude Cowboy article. You can see our Dude Cowboy image and info up at Maine Memory Network – along with lots more Maine images on any subject that interests you!

Here is the official Biddeford Daily Journal plug for the film – they make it sound rather great! And while we still don’t know who the guy or the kids are, we know they were likely hawking the film up and down a bustling Main Street and all over downtown, convincing folks to come check out the newest exciting film at the Opera House.

I couldn’t find this film online, but Custer’s 1928 silent Western “Arizona Days” is, and you can watch the 45 minute film right here.

Bob Custer’s 1928 silent Western “Arizona Days”

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