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Crow’s Nest, Fortune’s Rocks

Here is the full-sized scan copy of the blokes posed in front of “Crow’s Nest”, circa 1877. The summer cottage. located at Fortune’s Rocks, was owned by John Berry. Berry the son of a judge, an 1864 graduate of Biddeford High, but he didn’t serve in the war. Instead he learned the druggist trade and after a brief 2 year stint as a ticket seller for the Eastern Railroad, he operated a druggist business in the Thacher Building, Main Street, from 1869 to 1906.

So who are the guys?? Who knows, but Berry might be in there. The fellow in the apron surely was the cook…at least for that day. You can really zoom in on this picture, so enjoy!

I also located Berry’s obituary and you can read it below (it’s zoomable).

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