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100 years ago, it was the Spanish Flu…

Nurses at Webber Hospital in 1912
Nurses and patients at the Webber Hospital, Biddeford in 1912 (McArthur Library Image 1056a)

A historical perspective can be reassuring, when you realize that others have been through tough times as well and they came out the other side. In 1918 the world was battling an epidemic of Spanish Flu (along with WWI). That year, our local schools were closed, people were advised to keep to themselves, and if they started feeling stir crazy? Go for a walk in the country. Even the Acton Fair was closed to keep folks safe. It’s pretty interesting to see the similarities, and to remember that this affected our grandparents and great-grandparents generation, who had access to far fewer resources and conveniences than we do today…and yet, they made it. Without stockpiles of toilet paper, even! But I digress…here are a couple of papers that caught my eye, and I hope you find them interesting too.

Biddeford Weekly Journal, Page3, 1918-10-04 look for “INFLUENZA IN BIDDEFORD”

Weekly Record, Page3, 1918-09-20 look for “ONE DOCTOR HAS THREE CASES”

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