That old map magic

Well, the conservation work on the 1848 map of the Lands of the Saco Water Power Company (a.k.a. all of downtown Biddeford and Saco), financed by an IMLS American Heritage Preservation grant, was completed last fall; the facsimile copy was framed by the fabulous folks at Saco Frame Center and now hangs for public view in the Henrietta Carroll Room here at the library.

Map as it hangs in the Carroll Room, McArthur Library
Map as it hangs in the Carroll Room, McArthur Library.

The original map, put back together and encapsulated, is snug in the locked flat file, safe and sound for (we hope) another 164 years. Already we have had the opportunity to share the map scan with patrons who are doing research on the mills, the water works, and downtown. How awesome is that? But now we can share it with the world. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “That old map magic

  1. Congratuations …I know you worked very hard to get this done and it took awhile. Perfect for the wall. Cheers. Dora

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