Exhibits and indexes: its all about access!

Couple cool things to report about: first, a great article by Dina Mendros appeared in the March 4, 2010 issue Journal Tribune about the joint MHS/MCA/DL-SM/UNE exhibit: Biddeford, Saco and the Textile Industry. It was a great article and I hope it will help get the community excited about the story. It has even been blogged by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer!

Second, I’m psyched to say that the Biddeford Area Biographical Index is back up and better than before! The index is chock-a-block with folks from Biddeford and neighboring communities, or sightings and visits by famous folk to our fair area. We continue to add names all the time, and are working pretty hard to get many of our Special Collections resources indexed for names & especially photographs or images of local people.