Document Transcription and the Fire of ’47

Yesterday was a busy day for hands-on history!

The “Introduction to Transcribing Handwritten Documents” workshop we co-hosted with Maine Historical Society and the Saco Museum was great! There was a good turnout, and all the participants were really eager and excited for the FREE offering. There will definitely be an evening session of this workshop offered here at the McArthur…look for it this spring!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend John Anagnostis’ talk on the Fire of ’47 here at the library, and it was amazing. The room was packed, and what was so great about it was that after his personal remarks he opened the floor and people were sharing their own stories about the event. Powerful stuff…I only wish we had been recording or videotaping the event!

2 thoughts on “Document Transcription and the Fire of ’47

  1. Wow, things are really happenin’ at McArthur!

    The whole site looks great, but I expected nothing less from the McArchivist. I will definitely stay tuned for future updates. Way to go, Renee!

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