A birds eye view of downtown, circa 1856

As a lone arranger it’s hard to get everything done as quickly as one would like.  Luckily there are times when I stumble across something in my daily flailings and I can actually do something about it then and there.  Ahhhh, those are great days!  

While running up into the attic for “just a second” I took a second look at a framed print which I’ve passed a bunch of times before. I realized it was a an aerial view of the downtown area, sketched by none other than Samuel Batchelder. The oversized color lithograph is circa 1856. It had a sheet wrapped around it to point out landmarks which still exist, and was backed by some kind of kraft paper (yikes!)…I’m guessing that was done sometime in the eighties??? It has since been removed and placed in an acid-free board folder for safekeeping. We are hoping to have it placed in a conservation frame in the near future so that it can once again hang (safely!) where people can enjoy it.

The Batchelder sketch in the frame in which I found it.   The print as I found it in the attic.

Look at that terrible kraft paper! Yuck!  Look at that kraft paper! Yuck!!!               

The map, in its temporary (and safer!) home.  Breathe! Be (acid) free!